Heal Me Energy

KKB, Mississauga,  Ont, Canada 

“I met Monica through a common friend and didn’t have a clue about Reiki. But thanks to Monica who introduced me to Reiki Healing.

We discussed my mom's stress and she offered to send distant healing to Mom.

I was shocked to hear about her healing session with Mom. It was hard to believe that she saw exactly what my Mom is going through. I must say Reiki is magic. I saw changes in Mom's voice after just one session. Mom seemed to be less stressed and more calm nowadays. 

What more can I say, except that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that her session was very successful.

Thank you Monica. I would highly recommend her to everyone.” 

CR, Toronto,  Ont, Canada 

CG, Toronto,  Ont, Canada 

KG, Toronto,  Ont, Canada 

Heal Me Energy

NH, Burlington, Ont, Canada 

"Baby R had been encountering disturbed sleep for the most part of his 2.5 years of life, often waking to night terrors (different from nightmares) with each episode lasting up to an hour on occasion of being inconsolably upset. ​He would also lose his temper very often during the day (felt more than the average baby count).

Post Monica’s evaluation, reiki healing, chakra balancing and dietary recommendation, he’s calmed immensely! He sleeps better, is more at ease during the day – like a Baby R v 2.0.

Immensely grateful to her for helping him this way!"


"I met Monica a few years ago in a place where we both did not want to be (negative work group). I don't believe in accidents; l honestly believe that the universe placed us there so we could find each other.

Monica was going through a very rough patch in her life and was exploring Reiki (even though she knew nothing about it). I encouraged her to  go for her first treatment and that was it! Absolutely no turning back for Monica! She wanted more and more, and she got more and more. She became a different person; she became even more calm, confident, and determined.

Everything she learned in Reiki she was eager to use and help her family and friends or anyone that needs help. It did not matter who you are or if she knows you or not, she is always willing to pass on positive Reiki energy for the greater good. She has sent healing energy to friends and family of mine that she has never met. 

She has become a very powerful Reiki healer and is my personal Reiki friend/healer. She has high respect for others and I believe, for Monica, Reiki is her passion and healing/helping others is her mantra. I am honored to be your friend and thank you for always being there for me!” 

"I have known Reiki Practitioner Monica for the past few years. We actually met in one of our Reiki classes, and she has been a blessing and true friend to me ever since! And, I know she will be the same for you. Her heart is pure and that is the energy that she radiates." 

"I was a little skeptical of Reiki at first and questioned if it really was a healing art and if so, what it could do for me. It seemed strange that there was little touching -so how could I be affected by the treatment?   Turns out A LOT!  

Monica is extremely knowledgeable and after my very first treatment I felt results.  I could even feel changes in my body during the treatment.  I left feeling grounded and energized and pain free.

Monica took the time to personally connect with me, and I felt taken care of long after my treatment was over.  

I now include a monthly Reiki session with Monica as part of my self care routine.  Its a great way to get realigned and start the month of right! "

AM, Mississauga, Ont, Canada 

"Monica and I met at a car dealership waiting room, where we both started talking about migraines. She shared her remedy, which was Reiki. I was somewhat familiar but never actually done a treatment.

Anyhow, I did go see Monica for a treatment and after about the third session, I felt relief from migraines. I have seen her many times since then for many other reasons, and would highly recommend her. My migraines have now decreased in both frequency and intensity, and more or less are like a light headache.

Thank you for sharing your story with me and I believe many others will also benefit from Reiki Healing. With tons of gratitude and love, KKB."